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Do I need to have a perfect credit score?

Merchant cash advances are mainly linked to business credit card sales and payday loans are linked to your income/salary. In both cases, your profile is evaluated for your ability to repay the loans. Hence, having strong credit scores or collateral to offer is not always sought in such loans. So, unlike conventional loans, you do not need to have that perfect credit score.

How much funding can I get with a merchant cash advance?

Merchant cash advance is linked to monthly revenue from credit card sales. So, depending on your business and credit card sales, you will get an amount as per the terms and conditions. Different businesses will have different sales and other profile details. Hence, the advance amount will vary from business to business.

How do I apply for a payday loan consolidation

You can apply online or in person at one of our physical stores. The advantages of online application are speed and simplicity. The application is processes faster and it is easy. You will definitely save a lot of time doing the application online. Besides, filling out the online application takes about two short minutes. You will also receive a quick response within a few hours whether you have been approved or not.

What is the difference between an installment loan and a payday loan?

The biggest difference between installment loans and payday loans/cash advances is the duration. Payday loans and cash advances tend to be short term loans which are generally due within a few weeks, by your next payday. The amounts for such loans are also smaller. Installment loan amounts tend to be larger and the repayment takes place in the form of monthly installments over a long period of time.

What advantages does a merchant cash advance offer?

Advantages offered by merchant cash advances are two fold. First, the entire process is quick. You can expect to see the disbursement money in your account within a couple of days after making the application. Second, merchant cash advance is hassle free in terms of having to worry about missing payment deadlines. The repayment is automatically tied to credit card sales, so you can focus on your business rather than keep an eye on repayment of the loan.

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